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Professionals’ Tips: Establishing lawn mower deck dimension

What are a couple of do’s and also do n’ts for figuring out lawn mower deck dimension requirements?

Allen Baird

Item advertising supervisor, specialist items

DO take into consideration customers’ requirements and also the surface. DO select deck dimensions that will certainly maximize effectiveness by maintaining everybody hectic. A bigger deck dimension can assist overlap lawn mower requirements by decreased cutting and also reduced time on bigger jobs. DO take into consideration the lawn mower impact and also select a dimension that matches the ability of your storage space or transporting devices. DON’T anticipate to reduce faster or conserve cash with bigger lawn mower decks. Much less movement can slow down efficiency, and also larger engines might have greater expense of possession.

Lenny Mangnall

Item supervisor

DO take into consideration property. The property you need to reduce aids tighten the variety of ideal deck dimensions. DO take into consideration landscape design– bigger lawn mowers might be tougher to navigate in dilemmas or around landscape design. DO consider surface. Wide decks commonly function best on level, open ground. DON’T merely select the biggest deck. DON’T forget entrances. If the residential properties you preserve need your lawn mowers to travel through 36-inch entrances, consider a 32-inch stand-on or 30-inch walk-behind lawn mower to make best use of efficiency.

Dan Roche

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DOdeny the most significant deck dimension without thinking of the task website requirements. DO take into consideration barriers such as swimming pools, archways, entrances and also inclines. Identify the key uses the lawn mower; are you operating in areas where much more cutting is required, or will you be trimming large, unlimited locations? DO take a look at the trailer dimension and also consider needed choices such as a mulch package– if you alter deck dimensions, you might require to redeem those devices. Ultimately, a trimming efficiency graph can lead you to the best lawn mower.

Trae Humphreys

Seriously elderly item supervisor at AriensCo

Specialists have some points to take into consideration when picking lawn mower deck dimensions. Undoubtedly, lawn mowers with bigger deck dimensions are appealing due to the fact that they’re much more reliable, however DON’T allowed rate, property and also budget plan be your only factors to consider. DO consider the narrowest factors on the residential properties you preserve and also the ability for your trailer to transport numerous tools. Furthermore, DO ask on your own if the deck dimension you desire can fit installments of compost packages, baggers or various other devices and also add-ons you might require.

George Reister

Regional item supervisor, United States rolled

DO take into consideration overall property, the format of your backyard, readily available storage space and also time. If your backyard is much less than half an acre however your deck is larger than 50 inches, you can do even more injury than great. This is particularly real if you have blossom beds, trees, hillsides, entrances and also slim flows. DO make sure to take into consideration just how much storage area you have readily available too. While most of us wish to be as reliable as feasible and also bigger decks can do the job much faster, DON’T sacrifice reduced top quality to conserve time.

Nick Minas

Item supervisor, John Deere industrial mowing

DO bear in mind the residential properties you handle, taking into consideration the variety of barriers and also the area in between them. DON’T fail to remember the transportation procedure. The bigger the deck, the even more area it’ll use up in the vehicle or trailer. Relying on the amount of systems you are carrying, you might require to pick a smaller sized deck dimension. DO maintain sturdiness in mind. Not all decks are made the very same, and also it is very important to pick a brand name that has resilient layout which’s made with premium products, minimizing damages and also fixings.

Tom Vachal

Kubota elderly grass item supervisor

DO identify for how long you desire your mowing to take. If you wish to reduce your time on the lawn mower, DO enhance the deck dimension of your lawn mower. The majority of firms have calculators that will certainly obtain you shut from an estimating objective to assist you pick the appropriate lawn mower for your requirements. If you have a great deal of locations to cut about, you might wish to take into consideration a zero-turn lawn mower, which will certainly minimize the moment to do the job.

Ed Wright


DO select an effective engine. This boosts manufacturing greater than deck dimension. DON’T make use of a big deck on a tiny residential property. You’ll toss much more yard right into mulch beds and also various other residential properties, and also you will not have the ability to reduce enclose edges and also slim locations. When reducing one- to 10-acre residential properties, DO select 60- to 72-inch decks with 30-plus hp. DON’T make use of decks bigger than 72 inches unless you are dealing with 20-plus-acre residential properties. These huge decks existing trailer upkeep concerns, which commonly set you back greater than the manufacturing gains.