Just how To Tighten Your Riding Mower’s Deck Belt

The deck belt on your riding mower links its engine and also blades. Tightening this belt is a vital facet of mower upkeep. If you do not change this belt as it loosens up with time it will certainly slide and also wear quickly. Do your blades take greater than a 2nd to involve? Do they slide when filled up with lawn? It might be time to change your riding mower’s deck belt.

Can you tighten up a lawn mower belt?

Your riding mower or grass tractor’s deck belt will certainly expand looser with time. As well as while you can not reduce this belt, you can tighten up the wire pull which involves it, enabling you to run it for much more months prior to changing it.

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If you really did not recognize that a lawnmower belt requires tightening up, do not stress, numerous mower proprietors do not recognize this. Steve, technician, and also host of Steve’s Tiny Engine Drinkery on Youtube confesses this lack of knowledge includes some tiny engine auto mechanics:

” I recognize for sure that there’s a great deal of you people around that do not also recognize that this [adjustment] feeds on these lawn mowers since I have actually dealt with numerous tiny engine auto mechanics in my life that really did not also recognize you can do this either.” Steve of Steve’s Tiny Engine Drinkery

The trouble with not changing your mower deck belt is you require to spring for a costly brand-new belt whenever the old one starts to slide. Readjusting your deck belt’s rigidity throughout the period can conserve you a great deal of cash.

Just how do you repair a sliding belt on a riding mower?

Tightening up the belt on your lawnmower deck is as straightforward as drawing the interaction springtime tighter. Locate where the activation wire links to the interaction springtime: it must be a brace bolted to the deck. Just relocate that brace far from the springtime and also towards the wire.

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Just how do you relocate this brace? Well on a John Deere riding lawn mower you loosen up the 10 mm screws holding the brace to the deck. After that you move it far from the springtime and also belt. Lastly, you torque these screws pull back.

Your riding mower might utilize a various kind of screw, however possibilities are that the idea coincides. Undoubtedly, you must just change your deck belt with your lawnmower shut off. On top of that, you will certainly require your lawn mower deck bar turned to “disengaged” to have adequate slack to change your belt.

Just how limited should a lawn mower deck belt be?

When your tractor is shut off with its deck involved, get your deck belt by hand and also attempt to turn it. You should not have the ability to turn the belt greater than a quarter turn by hand. If you can turn the belt a fifty percent turn by hand, you require to tighten it.

Husqvarna mower|Zac Gudakov by means of Unsplash

Undoubtedly, if your mower is shut off and also the deck bar is turned to “disengaged,” its deck belt will certainly be much looser.

House and also Yard Nerd includes that you must have the ability to loophole 1 or 2 fingers over the very same belt when the tractor is off and also the belt is “involved” and also draw it carefully far from the pullies. This equates to 1 or 2 extra pounds of pressure. If you require greater than 2 fingers, your deck belt might be as well limited.

One more examination you can run is to activate your lawn mower, rev the throttle up, after that turn the deck interaction bar as rapid as you can. You must hear your blades get to complete rate in a fifty percent a 2nd. If you do not, your belt is as well loosened.

If you have actually maxed out your modification brace and also your mower deck belt is still loosened, than it is most likely time to change the belt with a brand-new one.

Next off, discover just how to hone your mower blades or see just how to tighten your mower deck belt in the video clip listed below: